2021 Maison Saint Aix, AIX, 6x750ml

2021 Maison Saint Aix, AIX, 6x750ml

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Case size: 6 / Bottle size: 750ml

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Seductive and aromatic. This is the essence of Summer, with fresh strawberry, raspberry, rosewater, and a hint of heady black cherry. The fruit this year is even more vibrant than usual. Racy acidity is exquisitely balanced with bright and ripe berry fruits. This is so polished and refreshing that it would be easy to miss the underlying structure and seriousness here. Citrus zest provides focus to the impressively long and enervated finish. Whilst average Provencal roses flatter with juicy ripeness and obvious flavours, AIX counters with subtlety and nuance. There’s plenty of fun on offer but with a little more cerebral stimulation than most.